The normal reaction to any unfortunate event is sadness. However, this feeling resolves with time as one gets new ways of looking at things. A sense of inner emptiness that is involuntary and has no external cause is what is referred to as  depression. There is no particular point where we can point out to come from. It is important to distinguish between sadness and depression.  Sadness does not need treatment; depression does.


There are those doctors that feel believe that pharmaceutical drugs solve all of lives problems including physical ones may often leads them to prescribe even more drugs when one type of drug is not working. They may increase the dose of the first antidepressant, add in another and then consider prescribing a mood-stabiliser as well. The doctor's greatest fear is that the patient will commit suicide and that he or she will be blamed for not providing the appropriate clinical treatment. All this generally depends on what all the other doctors have been doing. Consequently there is a solid inertia: the status quo continues and is unchallenged, regardless of the mounting evidence of serious risks associated with these drugs. Learn How to cure depression here!


Depression makes the patient to feel that they have a clouded mind and somber feeling which makes it very difficult to face real life problems suchas money issues, umemployment among others. It is argued by the doctors that prescribe the antidepressant that they will help remove the mind from the troubled phase and make the patients function effectively.  There is very little evidence that this is what happens in practice. The most probable occasion is that the patient becomes depended on the drug and gets addicted to the drug.


Patients will often try to lift their depressed moods on their own by using alcohol, recreational drugs, nicotine, caffeine, sugar and white flour.  All these substances have mood-altering effects: they act on the mood centres of the brain. Therefore it is very easy to become habituated to them. Know how to cure ptsd here!

A responsible rehab will focus on helping the patient to become abstinent from all mood-altering substances and processes.  it is not possible to withdraw the drugs at once, an efficient rehab will use the prescription drug to cover this effects over a short period of time. Using them for a longer time may cause disastrous long term pharmaceutical drug addiction.


Rehabs should be able to focus on trauma resolution in order to give insights to the addictive disease and recovery nature. The most recent program used to deal with depression in rehab is the 12 step program that was formulated by alcohol anonymous. despite it being an unpopular suggestion, it has been seen to be working with no side effects.


One can be able to set aside years of misery and be happy again.making doom and gloom to be things of the past with no present. For more facts about rehab, visit this website at

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